New B-Cube HOW-TO series

2nd workshop

How to Lead: Skills and competences of leading in different cultures

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22 Massalias Street, Athens
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Thursday, March 2, 2023

19:00 - 20:00

22 Massalias Street, Athens (6th floor Conference room)

Who should attend

About the series

HOW-TO events are led by market experts and faculty members with diverse backgrounds. They’re
geared to young innovators and aspiring business individuals who wish to broaden and strengthen their skills and professional profile to succeed in a demanding, competitive work environment.

About the 2nd workshop

Our workshop on “How to Lead: Skills and competences of leading in different cultures” will talk about how technology and the post-covid new normal have changed the global perspective in the business world environment.  The speakers will also devote time to exploring how to lead teams of diverse backgrounds.  

The workshop will be co-led by Pete Tsolis, Director of Business Programs at Hellenic American
University and George Stroumboulis, CEO of IDEOLI Group.

The event is organized with the support IDEOLI Group, a custom-interiors firm that specializes in the
production of lighting fixtures, furnishing elements and showcase products.

Small business owners

Leaders of all backgrounds

Business students

Individuals interested in the global perspective 

B-Cube is an initiative developed by Hellenic American University that offers physical, networking, and mentoring resources for innovation and entrepreneurship.

— Speaker

George Stroumboulis

Is a Canadian-born entrepreneur who has launched ventures in various multiple industries and international markets. Over the years, he has built an extensive portfolio of business know-how through senior-level positions at progressive companies and government organizations, both in Greece and abroad. George’s ability to drive real change has landed him in several media outlets,
including the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

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— Speaker

Pete Tsolis

Holds an Executive MBA from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and is a PhD candidate at Pepperdine University in Global Leadership and Change. He has managed and consulted hospitality
programs around the world for over 15 years. During the last 2 years he has taught business at Hellenic American University, where he was recently appointed Director of Business Programs. He previously taught at the University of Saint Katherine in San Marcos, California and has been a guest speaker at engagements in Greece and the USA.

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